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Year 3 - Home Learning

Dan the Detective and Rows of Coins Maths Challenges

Parts of a Flower - Science Task

Sandcastle Maths Task

Science Plant Task

Art task - Georges Seurat

Card tricks - maths challenge

Deserts - Geography task

Dread Cat Story Writing Task

Maisie the Mouse Maths task

VE Day art task

Dread Cat Chapter 5

Dread Cat chapters 3 & 4

Dread Cat chapters 1 & 2

New Maths

English task

Light & shadow science task

Spring by Antonio Vivaldi

Name that song!

DT/Science task



I would like you to create a Spring or Easter poem. Try to include two poetic features that I have talked about.

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Art task

My first task is I would like you to design a building for a particular purpose, it could be a palace, sports centre, dinosaur musuem, a sweet factory, a dance school, a wizard school or whatever you can come up with. The second task is I would like you to name 20 different famous buildings, find out where they are located in the world and find out who designed these buildings.

Geography Task

Do you remember when we were learning about Fairtrade in Geography? I would like you to create an explanation diagram explaining the journey of a fairtrade chocolate bar. Think about where in the world cocoa comes from first and then explain how it is grown and harvested. Then think about where the cocoa beans go next and what happens to them until the end up in the shop as a chocolate bar. You could even design a new name and wrapper for your chocolate bar. I look forward to reading your amazing work.

Guess the tune!

Year 3 The Stinky Cheese Man