Brierley Hill Primary School

Year 6 - Home Learning

Bedtime story challenge

Please help me encourage Noah and Georgia to go to bed with a fantastic bed time story!

New chapter Ratburger

Choose your favourite character and write a character profile

Ratburger - next chapter

For you to enjoy x


Who were the people involved in WW2?

Shadow investigation

Morning Year 6, today we are going to create an experiment to investigate shadows.

Next Chapter if Ratburger!

Morning Year 6, hope you enjoy listening to this chapter, can you tell me how you would smuggle an animal into school?

Science Investigation - Reflection

Morning Year 6, we are going to continue to look at light in today’s science investigation.

History rask

Year 6 we are mining intro look at WW2!!! Enjoy this task x

Poem for Year 6

To mark what would have been SAT’s week

Next chapter of Ratburger

Here’s the next chapter for you to enjoy with a little challenge on the end. Hope you enjoy it!

Science investigation

Let’s investigate how light travels!

Art Challenge

Try and use your knowledge of perspective for this one.

Next chapter - Ratburger

Enjoy the next chapter of our class reader and predict what happens next x

Imagination Challenge

I’m looking forward to seeing where your imagination takes you!!!!

Our local area!

Look what I found on a walk by my house! What hidden gems are around you?

Maths Challenge 2

Here’s another maths challenge with a little message from Noah. Good luck

Writing challenge

Can you wow me with your descriptive writing! You know how impressed I am with your language skills!!

Maths lock challenge

Morning Year 6 have a go at this maths challenge!! See if you can open the lock! Good luck. And if you can work out what Noah is shouting about in the background there may be an extra bonus point! 😂😂

DT challenge

Here’s a DT project linked to our science!! Hope you enjoy it! I look forward to seeing what you come up with x

Easter Challenge!!!

Can you tell Noah and Georgia what has happened???

Chapter 4

Hope you enjoy the next chapter of Ratburger!

Science task

Just a little video outlining the next task! Look forward to seeing what you come up with!!

Rat burger - Chapter 3

Listen to the next chapter of our class reader, then have a go at the task at the end.

Maths Challenge

Make the shape that you can see and complete the challenge. Good luck x

History task

A new history task! With a special appearance from a couple of little helpers!!

Noah’s story!!

Noah has shared his version of Little Red Riding Hood!! Can you turn this into a Year 6 version? Maybe a cartoon strip? Adding more detail? A play? I look forward to what you come up with!!

Chapter Two

Hope you enjoy the second chapter. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

First English Task