Brierley Hill Primary School

Afternoon Nursery Home Learning 1st - 5th June

5th June Friday Nursery activities

Today, we learn a different rhythm with old McDonald's farm animals, and have fun with five cheeky teddy bears jumping on the bed.

Let's feed the farm animals

Today, we will be using our fine motor skills to fill, scoop and pour food for the farm animals. We will also sort, and match zoo animals into pairs.

2nd June ,fine motor monkey pasta tree

Hi afternoon Nursery. For this activity, you will need a piece of play dough, a spaghetti strand, and past shapes with the hole through the middle. Today, we will be working on developing our fine motor skills which is an important part of development, and enables your child to become more independent. Have a go, lots of support and practice may be needed. You may share your pasta tree on Facebook, school blog or email me at

Afternoon Nursery 1st June

Please listen or join in with ole McDonald farm. Meet the animals from ole McDonald's farm barn. I also tell the story a squish and a squeeze . What's you're favourite animal? And creative task,mark make one of the farm animals. Have a go.😊

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